I think it’s changed everything, but there is still a form of light subjection by certain against certain teams, in certain games at certain specific times of the tournaments.

January 3, 2019 – Milan Nicola Sansone in action against Real Madrid. Epa After Muriel, here’s another return to Serie A and then the plank Magic. Nicola Sansone is one step away from Bologna, there are only a medical (already attached) to give the trappings of officialdom to the transfer.

The same player has already said goodbye on social Villarreal, recalling the years in Spain as “an unforgettable experience”, although in this first half of the season has played little. The decision to return to Italy also arises from this. Calciomarket: Precious Guild and talk about 1xbet.footballresultstoday.org Romero. AC Milan tip Stefano Sensi fantasy football – These days Samson will return in the Magic list.

In what capacity? Samson is a wing or outside the trident, although he has also played as a second striker in the past. In Bologna Inzaghi can act precisely in these two positions: the technical rossobù has in fact often the spacing of 4-3-3 and 3-5-2 in the last months of 2018. Samson therefore third on the left in the trident or second tip support to the striker. At Magic, resulting in the role of attacking midfielder / striker.

Watch out for his numbers: in 53 games played in La Liga with Villarreal, the former Sassuolo and Parma has put together 14 goals. Not very few for an external attack, that also in Serie A has always enforced (25 goals in 127 games). The list comes with a listing of 15 million Magic. A price that makes you want to buy, because Samson would presumably be a holder at Bologna.

Who believes? Gasport

January 23, 2019 – Milan As the US Open last year, including the Australian Open Under 18 will see two Italian players competing in the quarterfinals of the men’s singles, the same New York: Musetti Lorenzo and Giulio Zeppieri. But their matches of the second round revealed a different security. On the one hand there is the Tuscan Musetti who is to play as No. 1 seed for the first time in his career at this level, and in front of the Canadian Draxl closes in two sets but with several risks.

In the second part, the pupil of Simone Tartarini is located immediately below a break and drag the disadvantage until 2-5. One step away from the third, however, the class and the blue coldness make the difference, and the comeback is served quickly 6-4 7-5 result. From Zeppieri, however, they continue to arrive performance above average, at least if we consider its ranking of number 33 ITF.

The left-hander Latina does not leave room to the ambitions of the Czech Forejtek, which also is not the newest, being number 13 in the world in its class. Giulio closes the practice for 6-3 6-4: only one break in the first part, two in the second, with the only distraction to the service in the fourth game. Now, both pale blue, comes the difficult Musetti is the Spaniard Alvarez Varona, Zeppieri crosses Virtanen Finnish.

Two opponents who have already had experience in the pro circuit, and who harbor legitimate ambitions of ultimate success. Giulio Zeppieri. FIT regrets – Among the girls have not fared as well if we consider the outcome of the match, but in defeat Federica Rossi and Lisa Pigato there is still much to save, especially given the fact that the two Lombard came from the qualifiers.

What he regrets most is the Rossi, 17 years old Sondrio has been on the verge of success against the Swiss Sun, the No. 7 seed. Federica has surrendered for 4-6 6-2 6-4, remaining in the match up to 3-3 of the third partial.

Its varied and heavy tennis can be annoying to many rivals, but needs more continuity to fully realize its potential. For its part, Lisa Pigato has to bite his hands for a backhand lungolinea out a breath that he would in the match held on the end of the second set against an opponent, the Canadian Fernandez, the strongest card of her.

The North American left-handed (number 4 of the tournament) has controlled the first part, but in the second it is always found to chase a Pigato evident in growth, despite a large bandage for a thigh problem. The 15 year old from Bergamo the Milan Tennis Academy has succumbed 6-3 7-5, but out of the trip to Australia with a huge load of confidence ahead of the run-up to the world of pro. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Cristian Sonzogni

June 18, 2018 – Milan The CONI president Giovanni Malago, and the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala. Ansa “I am seriously interested in bringing the Winter Olympics in 2026 in Milan. There is also Turin, there is also Zaia, but I want to be in this race which of course must be done in the national interest. ” He said the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala during our interview with Camila Raznovich during the second episode of “Kilimanjaro – Everything is Illuminated,” broadcast live tonight on RAI-3.

Joseph Hall was guest Camila Raznovich, in studies Rai Saxa Rubra, with the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, in liaison from France, to talk about livability and sustainability of large cities. TIMES – At the IOC session in Buenos Aires (October this year), you have to “get with all the homework done”, words of Malagò. And with a clear pronouncement of the new government.

For the Government, the Games will be the first topic “sports” to deal with (apart from the increasingly complicated front of the Universiade Naples 2019). You should begin with a confrontation with the various institutions that pushed and signed the “indications of interest” of Cortina, Milan and Turin, and then go to the meeting with CONI. “We are carrying out all three applications without having children and stepchildren – explained Malagò in recent days -. Then you will do a series of assessments, including political affiliations”.

And the times? “Unless an extraordinary national council, I think what 10 July will be decisive.” Yesterday, meanwhile first official Giancarlo Giorgetti, undersecretary preisenza Council which will have the responsibility for sport. He was a guest of the federal president Giuseppe Abbagnale played the Italian championships of rowing on Lake Varese. Gasport

August 19, 2018 – Milan Sportivo in body and spirit. Paul Bonolis, born in Rome 57 years ago, has always been one of the most solid and lined Inter fans. From games with Dad to teasing with his wife and yellow, through the rivalry with Juventus, the treble and even her fear of horses, he told us the story of his “interismo”.  Paul Bonolis in action with the Nerazzurri shirt. Paul Bonolis in action with the Nerazzurri shirt. Let’s start from the beginning.

Where does the passion for Inter? “My father is from Milan and Inter. I grew up seeing the matches with him and I am fond of these colors. Since then I have experienced moments of great joy and others of enormous pains, some even resigned.

It happens with all teams, although to cheer for those who often has major ambitions can generate a mad scanner emotion. it is for us and for the fans of Roma, Lazio, AC Milan … for those of Juve less, for them everything is easier. ” We know that Calciopoli is a sore point for her. “Juve have a very strong team, well now there’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Over the years they have built a remarkable group, as well as a stadium, because they have an important political presence in the Italian championship.

As for Calciopoli, with a flaw like that in a world that should be brushed purity as the sport is difficult to ignore it. I have to say, honestly, that the field you could see that something was amiss, then it came out all the material, especially the phone cards Swiss. What reason is there to do a job when a sports director of foreign cards deliberately taken in order not to track down and talk with leaders of Italian football? We are faced with obvious facts.

Then one can turn over the omelette like apparently, the fan was right not want to accept that certain achievements are children of some tampering and therefore tends to embrace any excuse is offered to him. But hearing nothing and have won 36 league titles is quite disrespectful of sports justice and the other teams: obviously when you win so often there is an arrogance background that makes you always consider yourself pure.

As rightly said Massimo Moratti at the time: ‘They are not bad, is the habit’. “Bonolis and Mourinho. And now how are you?” I think it’s changed everything, but there is still a form of light subjection by certain against certain teams, in certain games at certain specific times of the tournaments.

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